Human Computer Interaction

All-a-Board: An interactive digital display attached to the fridge for intra-family sharing of information. Report PDF | Interactive SWF

Big Plate: The interaction design of a website helping people find recipes, in order to advance their cooking experiences. Report PDF

Cha Cha: A user study of the mobile based Cha Cha search engine. Report PDF

Clinical Informatics Kiosk: Design and user experiment of a clinical registry kiosk for hostpitals. Report PDF

e-Travel: Personality based tourist information mobile application. Report PDF

Isometric Sitemaps: Effectiveness of isometric hierarchical sitemaps. Report PDF

Pill Reminder: Design and test of an interactive pill reminder for elderly. Report PDF | Interactive PPTX

Poc Doc: A qualitative study of a mobile pill container/reminder. Report PDF

Whole Health MD: A formal evaluation of the WholeHealthMD website based on HCI guidelines. Report PDF


NSCAD TV: A trailer for NSCAD (Nova Scotia College of Arts and Design) TV. Screenshots JPG | Compressed ZIP (unzip after download)

Music Clip: An alternative music clip for a commercial song. Screenshots JPG | Movie SWF

Human Factors

Logia Reading Space: A human factor design study for a reading space at NSCAD. Report PDF


NS Symphony: An advertisement (typography) for Nova Scotia Symphony. Screenshots PDF

GNK Letterhead: Sample letterhead designs for GNK design firm. Screenshots PDF

GNK Logo: Sample logo designs for GNK design firm. Screenshots PDF

MacKay Poster: Sample poster designs for MakKay architecture firm. Screenshots PDF

Product Design

Automatic Pill Reminder: A product design for a mobile automatic pill reminder. Report and Screenshots PDF

Web Design

CanJet: Webdesign for a Canadian regional airline. Screenshots PDF

Clear Water: Webdesign for a commercial firm in Bahamas. Screenshots PDF

Coffee Works: Webdesign for a commercial firm in Bahamas. Screenshots PDF

Eye2Eye: Encourage immigration to Nova Scotia through an international campaign. Screenshots PDF

Halifax: Mobile mini-web about Halifax, NS. Screenshots PDF

IWK: Webdesign for IWK children hospital. Screenshots PDF | Screenshots SWF

UAAC: Website for Universities Art Association for Canada. Screenshots PDF

Others: Couple other websites that I have designed (offline ones are hosted on my domain).