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SCIC Youth Program


At its core, the Saskatchewan Council for International Cooperation Youth Program is about empowering young people to act, respecting and inviting the voices of youth, and creating opportunities for youth to engage in peer-to-peer education. These principles are part of every activity that the SCIC Youth Program undertakes and they are the reason for its success.



What's New With SCIC Youth?



Global Action Clinics—A Reality Check-up for Young Leaders


Global Action Clinic provides solutions for high school students who are concerned about world issues but unsure how to translate ideas into action. The cure is an active weekend where youth have the opportunity to share and exchange knowledge about challenges facing people and the planet. They will build skills such as facilitation and media relations to confront these problems and return to their schools and communities to organize their own events and activities that will inspire and motivate other young people for change. 


The next Global Action Clinic will be held March 14-16 in Rosthern, SK. Click here for more information


The Kaleidoscope Reel World Video Challenge

The Kaleidoscope Reel World Video Challenge is now open. This national contest gives young people a chance to put their creative talent to the test and think about Global issues. Here is how it works! Contestants, ages 8 to 12 and 13 to 18, are invited to prepare a video-clip on what they believe is the most pressing global issue. Submissions should explore what action(s) Canadians can take locally to address the issue of choice. For more information contact Ogho Ikhalo at 757-4669 or visit www.videochallenge.ca.

Contest Deadline in March 31st, 2008.

Y-I-D D-I-Y Media Camps


The Youth for International Development Do-It-Yourself Project builds the skills of youth to produce their own creative media on global issues such as climate change, HIV/AIDS, and education. The program involves three-day trainings in the summer on crating independent media after which the youth are encouraged to continue their work and provided with ongoing opportunities for publication and promotion of their work. Participants between the ages of 12 and 25 are welcome. 


The next YID DIY Media Camp will be held in July  2008. More information to come!!


Comic Books


The SCIC Youth Program is publishing an ongoing series of comic books on each of the UN Millennium Development Goals as a fun and interesting way to education youth (as well as others) on global issues. 



SCIC youth program participants have created impressive artwork and creative media that have been assembled for an ongoing and travelling art exhibit, originally created for International Development Week. The media and art created by participants echoes global concerns that matter most to them. 


Contact Us:


To order comics, book the exhibit for your school/event, or to register for or inquire about the Global Action Clinic or the Do-It-Yourself Media Camps!


SCIC Youth Program

(306) 956-0622



For more information about SCIC click here.