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I believe God really likes me. He has taken care of me in every step of my life. I have realized that every second of my life has had a special meaning. By receiving my math diploma from high school, I learnt to be logical and have a reason for everything. Working as a freelancer for two years before entering the university taught me how challenging life can be and helped me to become a hard worker.

After graduating from the Art school as a sculptor I learnt how I can see life from other aspects. I learnt how to use my passion when I work with my hands and create an art piece. Indeed a passion that should reflect the passion in my audience. It felt completely in contrast with my logical mindset.

Destiny brought me to another part of the world which was miles and miles away from home. It made me challenge with real life. This time of my life I had to test myself about all I had learned. The new environment encouraged me to face technology. I entered the school for my second bachelor to become a Graphic Designer; so I can be logical in my design while using my passion for the arts.

Three years as a graphic designer showed me how technologies can affect our everyday lives. How fast new technologies emerge and how fast people can merge with them. Last couple years simply showed me how critical the user’s needs are when interacting with a design and how to find solutions that are both logical and artistic.

Deep inside I feel thirsty to know more. I want to use my skills and implement design principles to facilitate the interaction of users with the applications, websites and interactive media. I was introduced to numerous research opportunities in the Masters program thus revealing the potential application of HCI in various areas. Since joining the Masters program, I have developed a true passion about HCI and its effect on our everyday lives. I believe, a program such as HCI, is not only necessary for my future career development but also hopefully it will benefit others by providing new solutions to serious human computer interaction problems.

I am motivated about different topics in HCI such as user-centered design, social aspects of design, and behavioral effect of design in real life and small screen interactions. However, I know that HCI along with other technology related fields are in a constant change and therefore my interests should evolve as well. I hope by applying my knowledge of graphic design and programming in HCI, I can improve the usability of the new technologies.

I feel there are so many things that I can learn and change. Future is all about change. Change in a good way for our better future. I want to participate in this change.

Thank you for taking time to visit my website.

Sincerely yours,

Sepideh Ansari