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Our Work

Problem - Find a solution to replace the use of molten lead.

One of our clients needed to find a replacement for molten lead that was used in the molding of a cylinder that was required to check the close side setting of their gyratory crusher. Unless a replacement was found it would have meant a considerable investment for environmental and safety upgrades. Foresight Solutions Inc. found the solution that was both cost efficient and effective. The answer was in the form of aluminum foam.

Problem Ė Find a more effective way to protect against wear on a belt transfer point.

One of our clients had a situation where any time they needed to do an overhaul to the transfer point coming from their Apron Feeder,  the process required at least 24 hours to scale the area with at least another 12 – 16 hours to complete the overhaul. The aim was to have the overhaul last until the next scheduled maintenance shutdown. However,  this was often not the case and repairs were required to get the transfer point to the shutdown. Foresight Solutions Inc. working with Canadian Wear Technologies designed a new liner system that reduced the overhaul down to just 1.5 – 2 hours and moreover there were no repairs required between shutdowns. As matter of fact the process has not only been improved from a maintenance perspective but from a safety aspect as well as the new liner system is easier for maintenance personnel to work with.

The above are only a couple instances where Foresight Solutions Inc. met a problem with experience and teamwork to deliver a forward looking solution.